Drought Contingency

The recent snowfall was epic (especially for this time of year)– did you go enjoy the slopes? ⛷????
Unfortunately, it didn't help much to improve conditions. We're still below average and #Drought isn't easing up either. ☹️ We should all be hoping that Mother Nature brings more April showers. ???? Just a reminder–most of Utah can still #Wait2Water
Now, we see a lot of people blaming and shaming- so if you're seeing water waste... you can report to Water.Utah.Gov/FameOrShame and we'll forward the information to the local water provider.May be an image of map and text that says 'Utah SNOTEL Current Snow Equivalent (SWE) % of Normal Apr 19, 2021 RfRiver 92 Bear River Water Equivalent (SWE) Basin-wide Percent 1981-2010 Median 71 Northeastem Uintahs 82 unavailable Tooele- 74 Vernon Duchesniv 60 Roceset 69% + d 89% 109% Provo- Lower Sevier 45 Price San Rafael 129% 149% 53 Subjectto Revision 65 52 Upper 70 Dirty Devil 28 USDA ONRCS Eดਹ 38 EscalanteRiver Southeastern P ocpeathe B gov'